Rice Planting

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI’m back on the mekong farm, feeling weak with a bout of the flu. The surge of malaria/dengue in the villages had me worried. I ate some fantastic fish with fresh herbs yesterday and am regretting it today.

It’s rice planting season. The monsoon sweeping through with endless sheets of thick, pounding, drowning rain. One new development in the villages: nearly all the farmers are casting their seeds as opposed to hand-planting. Huge economic and social dynamic implications. First time in their history. I will have to get healthy and document this change.

It is so humid here my bath towel never ever dries. I’ve seen the sun once for 2 hours in 4 days. I am constantly drenched in sweat, weak with heat exhaustion. Skin rashes and bacterial infections are serious concerns. Night time, the bed is a moist pool of sweat.

Noting beats actual experience. Aspiring writers, I encourage you to get out and experience life.

Into the heart, into the bowels of darkness, I urge you.